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Mobile app highlights

  • Use any smartphone to quickly record cabin damage in seconds
  • Simple and intuitive using the mobile camera
  • App works online or offline
  • Automatic cloud server synchronisation
  • Active Directory compliant
  • Unlimited Users
  • Monthly per tail pricing – no setup costs
Cabin Survey logo

Cabin Survey is a mobile app to quickly create damage reports for aircraft interiors.

Cabin Survay mobile app

Cabin Survey is a mobile app to quickly create damage reports for aircraft interiors. It is designed to be very simple to use so that cabin crew with little or no training can make a damage report in 30 seconds or less. The app can be used either online or offline with synchronisation to the cabin survey cloud servers whenever an internet connection is present.

Cabin Survay mobile app

Cabin Survey web application

The cabin interior team can monitor and manage the damage reports via a simple to use web application which runs in any browser. The web application display shows graphically the damage map for an individual aircraft or for a fleet.

  • Add and manage existing reports
  • Control and track Workorder status
  • Track damage hotspots
Cabin Survay web app
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